Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Letter Writing

In Writing we have been learning to: Write a formal letter.

We have followed the writing process and have planned and drafted a formal letter.

This shows the process that we have followed.

Here is the letter that I have written Link

Here is my reflection on the letter writing that we have done.

One thing that I found challenging about writing formal letters was keeping it formal.

My next step is: look for more opportunities to put my letter writing knowledge into practice in the future.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Write an effective argument for our chosen political party.

WALT: Write an effective argument for our chosen political party.

National is the best party in the world.In my opinion National is the best option.
Here are  three policies that I would vote for:
Health is one of the most popular arguments used in politics.

Continue to implement a plan to reduce childhood obesity.The National Party would continue to implement the Childhood Obesity Plan, established in October 2015.This involves 22 initiatives, including targeted interventions for those who are obese, increased support for those at risk of becoming obese, and broader approaches to make healthier choices easier for everyone. The plan focuses on food, the environment and being active at each stage of life, including early childhood.The Plan is supported by a health target for 95 per cent of obese children identified in the B4 School Check programme to be offered a referral to a health professional for support by December 2017.Death is also one of the problems in NZ.

Expand the programme to reduce Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy National would expand the programme to reduce Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy.The programme would provide at risk families with safe sleeping devices for babies, such as wahakura or pepipods. The programme also involves encouraging parents to reduce smoking, immunise their children, breastfeed and sleep babies on their backs.National has set a target of reducing the Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy by 86 percent and 94 percent for Maori by 2025. This would see the rate drop to 0.1 per 1,000 babies born. The rate is currently 0.7 per 1,000 for the whole population, and 1.59 per 1,000 for Māori babies.Smoking is also one the problems in NZ

Work towards NZ being smokefree by 2025.National would work towards a smokefree New Zealand by 2025 through various initiatives.Plain packaging for tobacco products will come into force in 2018. The National Government has also set a health target for health services to provide better support for people quitting smoking.National would implement new rules for nicotine products which can be used as safer replacements for cigarettes. It would establish a system in which smokefree tobacco products, such as snus and moist snuff, could be pre-approved before entering the New Zealand market.I have no time for doing more arguments because there is too many policies but National is the best party.

National is the best party to vote for because their policies are good.If I was old enough to vote I would vote for national because they have good policies.I have talked about continue to implement a plan to reduce childhood obesity,expand the programme to reduce sudden unexpected death in infancy,work towards NZ being smokefree by 2025.Who are you gonna vote for?

My next steps are:

Put in some complex sentences.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Koru Games Reflection

In the Koru Games the sport I competed in was football

Our team won 17th position

I found the experience to be good because it could help in the future of sports.

In terms of working with Individuals and Groups; my solo level is multistructual because I don't really get involved

For Teamwork; my solo level is multistructual because I work well with teams.

Individuals and groups
I need help to work in a group (with teachers or other students
I can work in a group with my friends.
I can work in a group with anyone in my  year level or team  

I can respond positively to the needs of others
I can reflect on how well I work with the group and seek feedback on how I can improve

I need help to interact with others.

I need help to participate in a team.
I can interact with others one to one.

I can participate in a team.
I can interact with others in a small group.

I can participate and take responsibility in a team.

I can participate and take responsibility in a team and explain my choices in terms of team outcomes.
I can participate in creating healthy teams by taking responsibility and critical action.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

6 leadership excellence (other)

This Friday there was no Kapa Haka and neither did anyone need help so did not really get involved around school.But anyway I used my care values by respecting my friends and teacher and showing good attitude towards learning.

5 leadership excellence (other)

This Friday in Kapa Haka we learnt new songs and the actions and it was a bit difficult.But I tried my hardest.I showed by care values by respecting the Maori culture and getting involved in different things.

4 leadership excellence (other)

In this week I helped Sam with P.A.L.s because his partner was not here and we did jump jam in the hall with the kakano students.The session went good because all the children were listening and everyone got involved which was good.I showed my care values by respecting the students, helping Sam and the teachers.

5 home learning excellence

Sir Edmond Hillary
Sir Edmund Percival Hillary (20 July 1919 – 11 January 2008) was a New Zealand mountaineer, explorer, and philanthropist. On 29 May 1953, Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers confirmed to have reached the summit of Mount Everest. They were part of the ninth British expedition to Everest, led by John Hunt. TIME magazine named Hillary one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

Hillary became interested in mountaineering while in secondary school. He made his first major climb in 1939, reaching the summit of Mount Ollivier. He served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a navigator during World War II. Prior to the 1953 Everest expedition, Hillary had been part of the British reconnaissance expedition to the mountain in 1951 as well as an unsuccessful attempt to climb Cho Oyu in 1952. As part of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition he reached the South Pole overland in 1958. He subsequently reached the North Pole, making him the first person to reach both poles and summit Everest.

Following his ascent of Everest, Hillary devoted most of his life to helping the Sherpa people of Nepal through the Himalayan Trust, which he founded. Through his efforts, many schools and hospitals were built in Nepal.