Saturday, 11 February 2017

2. Home learning challenge

This is my home learning challenge to make a christchurch tourist iterniary  

8:00 am                Visit to Hagley Park

Things to see: Avon River, Botanical Garden, Museum, Rose Garden, guided tour of the garden on a caterpillar, coffee and snacks at Café

Costs: No fee except expenses for food and coffee at the Café

Transport: Public transport available

11:00 am             Tour of the Central City on Tram

Things to see: Container market or Start Mall, Cathedral square, Queen Victoria statue, penguin wall, Bridge of remembrance.

Costs: $25

Note: A tourist can drop down at several stops, roam around, eat, shop and then catch the next train.

2:00 pm               Punting in Avon River

Things to see: Ducks, scoots, trout, eel, Christchurch hospital

Costs: $28

3:00 pm               Mona Vale Park

Things to see: Homestead hall, pond and flowers

Costs: No fee

Note: Botanic Garden, Museum, Tram, Punting, Mona Vale Park are all in the same vicinity and no transport is required.

4:00 pm               Westfield Riccarton Shopping Mall

Things to see: Shops, cinema, grocery, food court

Note: On weekdays and Sunday, mall closes at 6:00 pm. On Saturday, mall closes at 9:00 pm.



9:00 am                Deans Bush

Things to see: Native trees and shrubs, old house of Deans’ family, weekend market

Costs: No entry fee

12:00 pm           Sumner Beach

Things to see: Beach, surfing, kayaking, boating, fishing, fish and chips, restaurants

5:00 pm             Dinner at Sumner

Things to eat: fish and chips, pizza hut, subway and local café.


9:00 am                Victoria park

Things to see: park, good view of Christchurch site, lots of trails 

Cost: no entry fee                                          

12:00 pm              Sign of kiwi

Things to see: view of the Christchurch city, lyttelton harbour, Tracking

Cost: No entry fee

 2:00 pm                Gondola cable cars

Things to see: souvenir, view of port hills, binoculars, view of lyttelton harbour

Cost: $28

5:00 pm                  Dinner at a restaurant

Things to eat: pizza, burger, chips, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Asian etc.


9:00 am                 Taylor mistake beach

Things to see: beach, surfing, kayaking, playground, trails, mussels, fishing

Cost: No entry fees

12:00 pm                Groynes Park

Things to see: playgrounds, river, kayaking, paddle boating, waterfall

Cost: No entry fee

3:00 pm                  Dinner at restaurant

Things to eat: pizza, burger, chips, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Asian etc.

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